Responses to Trump utterances – “We demand respect for our people”

The indignation is great after the derogatory remarks that the US President made against Haiti and Africa. 54 African states are demanding an apology – and Latin America is also mounting complaints about Washington.

On January 12, the small Caribbean nation commemorates at least 300,000 fatalities in the 2010 earthquake, reminding its own vulnerability: the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere is vulnerable to natural disasters , Haiti relies on international support. US development aid has fallen 25 percent since President Donald Trump ruled.

“Haitian Americans do a lot for the country”
“Actually, I should commemorate our dead and not sit here and comment on Trump’s comments,” said Haiti’s ambassador to the US, Paul Altidor, on the television channel MSNBC:

“My first reaction was surprise and disappointment that the president should have said so about a group of people Haiti is a good neighbor, friend and partner of the US Haitian Americans do a lot for the country and they are good with the others For them, these expressions are daunting. ”

The ambassador demanded an apology from the White House. The government in Port-au-Prince ordered the US envoy.

In El Salvador, the news was already the second bitter blow within a week: Just had Trump announced to want to deport 200,000 Salvadoran immigrants who have been under special protection for 18 years. The insulting statement had violated the dignity of his people, said President Salvador Sánchez Cerén:

“We complained to the US government and reminded them of the high value of the Salvadorans, such as our construction workers who helped build the Pentagon after the September 11 attacks, or New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina Compatriots participated in peace missions and we demand respect for our courageous and noble people. ”

The small Central American country has only about seven and a half million inhabitants. More than two million Salvadorans live in the USA. Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico have been linked for generations to an immigration history with the United States. Therefore, the President’s remarks on El Salvador and Haiti throughout the region are perceived as a disparagement.