More records on Wall Street push Dax into the plus

The Dax starts a recovery as the US stock markets continue their record hunt. However, the strong rise in the euro is providing a headwind on the European stock market.

The continuation of the record hunt on Wall Street also indicates the Dax stock market chart reviving. The leading German index turned into a plus on Friday afternoon and recently traded 0.2 percent higher at 13,234 points.

The courses in this country apparently got off tailwind from overseas, where continued on Wall Street the record run. For the first time, the Dow Jones stock market chart jumped over the mark of 25,700 points on Friday. At the beginning of the corporate reporting season, all four major indices posted record results. The slight uncertainty after a temporary, more pronounced increase in yields on the US government bond market has quickly faded. At the same time, the economic data on this day provided a mixed picture, which is why impulses from this side did not materialize.

Notwithstanding recent US inflation data, analysts predict a “good year of inflation” in the US and may lead the US Federal Reserve to take more interest rate moves, the Wall Street Barometer rose to a record high shortly after the start of trading and eventually gained 0, 6 percent to 25,716.1 points. Just a week ago, the 25,000-counter mark was dropped for the first time.

The US tax reform, which was adopted shortly before Christmas, gave fresh impetus to the share price and investors are now banking on higher corporate profits. JP Morgan and Blackrock convinced with their quarterly reports. Possible risks, such as a stronger than expected tightening of US monetary policy, are currently receiving little attention.

Euro on three-year high – damper for the Dax

In the money market, however, speculation on a rate hike by the European Central Bank (ECB) in the current year 2018 has increased. In the meantime, the probability is estimated at 70 percent that the ECB will slightly reduce its interest rates for commercial banks in the course of 2018. This expectation is mainly due to the minutes of the central bank published on Thursday on the December interest rate meeting. It indicates that the ECB may possibly review its monetary policy outlook early this year. For the last time, the central bank raised one of its key sentences in 2011.

Europe’s stock markets continued to stagnate on Friday, beating the $ 1.01 mark on Friday, a three-year high against the dollar. This dampens the export opportunities of European companies.

Breakthrough in exploratory talks between the SPD and the Union

The breakthrough in the exploratory talks for a grand coalition in Berlin, however, did not initially move share prices. As the German press agency learned on Friday morning in Berlin from participant circles, CDU, CSU and SPD have agreed to recommend their parties the inclusion of official coalition negotiations.

Puma breaks in – Kering gets out

The shares of Puma stock market chart caused a sensation. They plummeted by 14 percent, because the French luxury brand group Kering wants to make its majority stake in the sporting goods manufacturer. Dealers attributed the price plunge, among other things, to the fact that this had destroyed the fantasy of a takeover bid for Puma. In the medium term, however, is positive that Puma now have opportunities to show up in the small caps index MDax stock market chart.

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Bitcoin drops below $ 14,000

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin / Dollar stock market chart has recently returned. On Tuesday, the digital currency had regained the $ 15,000 mark after its recent slide, but now slid below the $ 14,000 mark.